Who we are

Fine Mess officially formed in the summer of 2020 during a pandemic. We are a three piece band that have been playing together for nearly six years (originally under the name Beard). Our first studio album was recorded in December of 2019, but the process of finishing it slowed considerably while we all tried to survive.

The album Those Flowers That Fix Me released officially in October of 2021. https://finemess.hearnow.com/

Two months later, we were back in Omaha at ARC studios to record our first album composed entirely since the start of the pandemic and our evolution to a three piece act. The album hopefully will release during the summer of 2022.

We have been featured on five different episodes of The White Wall Sessions including an episode of their “best of.” https://whitewallsessions.com/videos_categories/beard/

We filmed a one hour special No Cover, No Minimum for SDPB. https://watch.sdpb.org/video/beard-xvvq6n/

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FineMessBand

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