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Fine Mess

Amy Askew – Bass and Vocals

Jeff Wesner – Drums and Vocals

Joe Raiche – Guitar and Vocals


  • 2023-02-18 The AV Lounge, Vermillion, SD (two piece)
  • 2023-02-09 Long Lines, Sioux City, IA
  • 2023-01-14 The AV Lounge, Vermillion, SD
  • 2023-01-08 University Art Galleries, Vermillion, SD (two piece)
  • 2022-10-20 Dakota Brickhouse, Vermillion, SD (two piece)
  • 2022-08-19 Levitt at the Falls, Sioux Falls, SD with Kuinka
  • 2022-08-19 SDPB Moment in Sound, Sioux Falls, SD
  • 2022-07-28 Thursday’s on the Platz, Vermillion, SD
  • 2022-06-19 605 Classic, Sioux Falls, SD


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What People Say

Without a doubt, they are a group of musicians that obviously are playing instruments together in such a way that makes it clear their goal is to make something resembling music.

Jose Dominguez

When I first heard them play, I thought, “wait, is this them?” Then I thought, “It must be.” At first I didn’t know it was them. Then when I saw them, I realized that is was them.

Melissa Griese